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Update 06.08.20

We have always prided ourselves on our fast turnaround time from the moment an order is placed to delivering our products to the end-user. In recent times demand for our products has experienced unprecedented growth. We are currently producing and shipping products at our highest volumes ever to meet demand but we are still experiencing delays of 5-10 days across our range.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience over these difficult times, we are doing everything we can to minimise delays and communicate with customers, and we promise to fulfil all orders as soon as we can.

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How to use the EVC Throttle Controller

With four driving modes and twenty adjustable settings the EVC Throttle Controller is sure to have the perfect throttle response for any driving style or situation.

Economy mode reduces the throttle response passed factory levels, the higher you set the EVC Throttle Controller the more dampened your throttle response becomes. Economy mode is perfectly suited to off-road and low traction driving situations; by dampening your throttle response and having a more controlled application of power to your wheels you can significantly improve your vehicles traction capabilities. Economy mode is also great for low speed towing situations where you don't want to be constantly jerking on the throttle and overcorrecting your steering..

Ultimate performance mode increases your throttle response, the higher you set the EVC Throttle Controller the more aggressive your throttle response becomes. Ultimate Mode has 9 settings and can be grouped into three stages. Ultimate mode 1-3: Everyday driving with smooth acceleration. Ultimate mode 4-6: Sportier, more responsive acceleration, great for use around town where short bursts of acceleration are needed. Ultimate mode 7-9: Strap yourself in and activate launch control, instant throttle response, beast mode, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Automatic control mode automatically selects your vehicles throttle response based on your current driving style. If you are in traffic and accelerating gently the EVC Throttle Controller will automatically choose a reduced level of throttle response such as Economy Mode 2. However if you accelerate hard to overtake or power up a hill, the EVC Throttle Controller will choose a far more aggressive throttle response for you such as Ultimate Mode 7. The EVC Throttle Controller adapts to how you're currently driving and delivers the best throttle response to match. Automatic Control mode is what makes the EVC Throttle Controller one of the most intelligent throttle controllers on the market.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I have a 300c SRT8 6.1L Chrysler 2010. I have had the car for 2 months and the very poor throttle response was terrible. Almost not worth having a V8. At 60km I would put my foot down and the flat spot was terrible and then It stayed in top gear in laboured until It came on to cam. I spoke to numerous very highly recommended performance shops in Brisbane. They all told me I need new spark plug’s 16 of them and a tune. Over $1000 worth. I decided to give I drive ago even though I didn’t see much about them on performance cars. I ordered it and it was in my mailbox the very next day. I fixed it within under five minutes. My first test drive within 100 m I knew the car was much better. I had it on setting five. And I drove further my car was now super responsive and I fell in love with it. I tried the top level number nine and could hardly keep the Tires from smoking . This is by far the most amazing performance tool I’ve ever used in my car especially bang for buck. Commodores and Ford lovers I would recommend them 100%. My car is an absolute Demon. Thank you so very much for the EVC Throttle Controller"

- Earl Pretty - Brisbane, Australia

"Just purchased my EVC Throttle Controller today, wow the service was second to none! Supplied and fitted in the blink of an eye! The difference it’s made to my Diesel Territory is fantastic! It’s responsiveness is incredible the difference in drive ability makes the purchase one of the best decisions I’ve made, I highly recommend the EVC Throttle Controller unit. The only regret I have is I didn’t buy one earlier!"

- Rob Dielemans - Melbourne, Australia.

"Ordered the EVC Throttle Controller for my 2010 NT common rail 3.2 diesel Pajero auto on Tuesday, arrived Wednesday. Fitted same day and wow what a difference. I have been happy with the Pajero however the best way to describe the throttle response would be like it had an elastic band holding it back. Fitted the EVC Throttle Controller in 5 minutes and took it for a spin on the ultimate 9 setting. Wow What a difference, with less throttle input than normal the Pajero now accelerates almost instantly and is quicker both off the line and when rolling accelerating. I have since settled on the auto mode for day to day driving as it is a great mix of increased throttle response and acceleration, without being to jerky or over the top. Best bang for my buck mod I have fitted for a long time. I had often read the pros and cons on forums about throttle controllers. All I can say now I’ve actually got one is anyway who says just put your foot down harder clearly has no idea!"

- Wandre Melsho - Melbourne, Victoria

"Installed one on my Gen-8 Hilux just before heading to Fraser Island for a week and could not believe how easy it was to control the sensitivity of my acceleration, when I needed to crawl along on the soft sand and accelerate hard to get around the waves it was just so easy!! Just push a button! I can’t wait to get out and test this on some hard tracks in the bush!!! The customer service that I received was also really great! I have already recommended Idrive to my friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend other people to try it!"

- Shane Boyle - Brisbane, Queensland

"Can’t live without my EVC Throttle Controller! Will never ever own a 4x4 without one ever again. Best product EVER! Excellent customer service and ongoing support if you have any questions on running your EVC Throttle Controller. Thumbs up and 5 stars all the way!"

- Jane Cartwright - Alexandra Hills, Queensland

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